Noble Style Brewing Hops

Established in 2010, Black Creek Hops is a small scale hops farm and hops processing center independently owned and operated by Howard and Amy Haselhuhn.  Our hops are grown on our 400 acre fifth generation family farm located in Scottville, Michigan.

We continuously expand and upgrade our farming and processing facilities on an annual basis.

Here are some highlights of new additions to our operations for 2015:

  • Upgraded and expanded oasts for drying hops
  • Laboratory equipment and ASBC approved process for performing Hop acid testing per ASBC HOPS-6
  • Hop yard expansion – we have once again doubled our acreage
  • upgraded and expanded conveyor systems

Our farm engages is sustainable agricultural practices. Cover cropping, integrated pest management, soil erosion controls and wetlands preservation are a few of the techniques used in accomplishing this goal. Eliminating transportation requirements by processing our hops on our farm also helps to reduce our carbon footprint. In 2016, we plan to implement wind and solar energy solutions to help reduce energy consumption during irrigation.

Black Creek Hops has not relied on any grant funding or government loan programs in the establishment of its operations, nor does it intend to at any time in the future. We strongly believe that sustainability and economic success is achieved through innovative thinking, determination, and a strong work ethic that is not compromised by government interference.

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